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About Us

Daxon has had a poodle in his life since the day he was born! His family has always had a poodle even way before he was born.  After going to college for computer science, (Daxon) Kept on the family tradition. Now with his wife Shayla & our sons Gentry & Korbin! Shayla went to college to become a Registered Nurse. She is currently a full-time nurse at a pediatric clinic. It takes lots of teamwork between Daxon & Shayla to keep things going! 7 day work weeks are not uncommon.


We do laser engraving as well as sell/ship native trees. They are a small family farm. They love animals which includes raising dogs. When someone hears the word “farm” they often think of a tractor in the field planting crops. They have goats, grow native Missouri trees,  & do laser engraving. After high school, Daxon decided he wanted to be outside instead of sitting at a desk! Daxon’s wife is a full-time Registered Nurse and our first child “Gentry”  stays at home with Daxon (until he’s old enough to go to school) while he runs the small businesses from home while Shayla is at work, when She is not at work she is here helping!

They also have a small fruit orchard (30 trees including apple, pear, peach, PawPaw & cherry. Some fruit plants they have a few of are multiple kinds of blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, honeyberry, blueberry & more -  just for personal use! They started putting all this in around late 2018. Also, quite a few nut trees including pecan, almond, black walnut, & hickory nuts. These are all trees they have put in themselves which took a lot of work to plant as well as to properly maintain them. In the fall we love shipping our fresh nuts to different states to those that do not have access to fresh-grown nuts.
We also have a few “meat goats” but they are our friends that keep down the brush in the pasture area! They are also fun to watch and have such unique personalities!

They have a state tree nursery license to be able to sell and ship trees. This is a mail-order business only. We mainly sell native trees & some forms of bushes. Working with these trees and plants is very relaxing and It is fun to be able to get great quality but very affordable trees to customers all over the United States. 

If you have questions for us and would like to reach out, just contact us!

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